Berthing Fees

Dunstaffnage Marina would like to advise our present and future customers that our 2014 prices for marina services are to remain at the same level as charged over the last two years. The same high standard of marina services will be delivered without any increased costs.

All the prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%.


Annual Packages (1 payment due 1st April) Per Meter
Annual Pontoon Berth £339.00
Annual 6 months pontoon, 6 months storage (Includes slipping & re-launching vessel)

Winter Storage Package (1 payment due by 1st October) Per Meter
Six months winter storage (Includes slipping wash off & re-launching) £129.00

Pontoon Berthing 

Service Summer/m Winter/m
6 Months £230.00 £136.15
5 Months £214.50 £125.00
4 Months £204.25 £107.20
3 Months £183.00 £96.00
2 Months £123.90 £62.50
1 Month £67.40 £33.70
Weekly £16.90 £8.40
Daily £2.45 £1.25

All berthing rates and package prices have been held for yet another season

Boatyard Charges


Service Price
6 Month Storage Ashore Winter/Summer £94.00/m
Lift out, pressure wash and shore £26.00/m
Lift/Launch     £18.50/m
Lift in/out up to 7m £10.00/m
Lift in/out road transport and launch £25.00/m
Lift and hold for 1hour £29.00/m
Lift/Cradle or Hold/Launch 24hours £35.00/m
Lift in/out road transport for RIB  £20.00/m
Lift into/from workshop to the hard £23.00/m
Emergency/Weekend surcharge (per lift) £50.00/m
General Labour £45.60/hr
Engineer Labour £57.60/hr
Forklift and operator (per half hour) £35.00
Cradle/trailer (summer storage 6 months) £86.50
Slipway use each way £9.00
Engineer weekend £60.00
Workshop storage per week £240.00

Mast step/unstep each way

Service Price
Yachts up to 8.5mtr £96.50
Yachts 8.51 to 11.0mtr £129.00
Yachts 11.1mtr and over £168.10

These charges apply to deck stepped masts fitted with VHF aerials, wind transducers, and where electrical deck sockets are provided. Extra work due to keel stepped masts, dismounting a radar scanner etc. will be charged for as time in line at our current general labour rate not less £30. A surcharge of £25.00 is applied to multi spreader masts to cover fitting the sling.

Mizzen mast step/unstep each way

Service Price
Yachts up to 10mtr £58.30
Yachts over 10mtr £71.00

Electrical Connections

Service Price
Metered connection to yard electricity £86.15
Short-term electrical connection £16.05
Daily Marina connection £3.00
Full battery charge £10.70

All unmetered connections will be charged either at a daily or estimated rate. Metered electricity will be charged at cost plus the connection charge.

Delivery of yachts

Service Price
Delivery of yachts to/from moorings £60.00

Short term storage ashore

Service Price/m
Monthly £25.95
Weekly £6.60
Car/Trailer parking day £5.00
Car/Trailer parking week £25.00
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